Thursday, April 30, 2009

For those who don't know!!!

It has come to my attention that most people do not know what "black-hand side'n" for those who cant keep up with the newest is the video in where i originated my phrase "stay black-hand side'n"

Daily Dose by GeeBose people its time for me to almost leave and vacate the beautiful state of VA...well anywho i digress... its that time of the year where "us"college students have to partake in final examinations...and i have been burning the oil but stuff is so difficult... so it got me to think..."hmmm...whats a better word for hard or difficult?"

well here is:ONEROUS(on-er-russ)-this means very difficult requiring hard labor. so like all of the prescriptions i give out this one is like the rest good for conversational use...

well its that

stay black-hand side'n & live long proseperously

Asher Roth's Be By Myself!! it is: the highly anticipated video for the second single off Asher Roth's album "Asleep in the Bread Aisle." This video is the concept and the cinematogrophay(subliminal messages)


I've noticed as I've grown older Oh how the times have changed. Things were so much easier, and I did not have a care in the world. Now times are harder, and really I have to care about everything in order to survive this harsh times. Take for instance food. When I was little I could eat just about anything and not have to worry about gaining weight, I still kept my slend figure with a hint of toning around the arms and legs, and a somewhat visible six pack. But like I said before "OH HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED," now and days I get random walk bys where women decide to rubb my belly as if i was some pregnant woman who was due with twins any day now. smh! And all I can say is blame it on the Mcdoubles and the fr fre fre french Fires.

Somepeople live for the weekends. I just tryin to make it through today!!

Yooo this is a must tellin u wnt be disappointed

It's late and i couldnt i did my thizzle on the internetizzleand found the complete album of my boy Rob Roy. We posted his "Fur in My Cap" video awhile back... well here is his complete album via imeem...he is a great artist...sounds like Andre 3000 wen he raps an Justin Timberlake when he sings...but overall dude is NICE!!!( well u cant listen to the whole album from the embed player on the blog but if u go to his official imeem page or click hear full song tab on the embed player u will be able 2 hear the whole album in its entirity)

King Warrior Magician Lover

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Double Dose Post by GeeBose

So to the fans of the Daily Dose...i apologize for no dose yesterday but unfortunately a brother is having laptop problems....but have no fear a Double Dose is here...

Well yesterday i happened to be in a business meeting and you know things are starting to heat up so most inclinations for people is to turn on the AC...well this didnt occur i was blazing hot for a minute...and you know what i thought while dying from heat exhaustion...wats a word that means hotter than "hot"??

Here is:RECALESCENT(ree-kuh-less-cent)- this means very high in temperature...which covers this to the "T"

For the next dose... it came from the same situation...soon after being stuck in a very recalescent room this room completely changed and was freezing my teeth were chattering and my nipples were trying to bust out my again as always.. the EUREKA lightbulb went off

so for cold places as these that are beyond freezing...

Here is:GELID(gel-id) this means extremely cold or freezing so like most doeses this one will be used in the right vernacular

Well, stay black-hand side'n and live long prosperously!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Dose is Bizaackk by Geebose

So....I'm back,....yes after an eventful weekend with the homies...ya boy is back to deliver another dose of knowledge to ur medulla's haha!!! new things is keepin the doses precise and concise...on point and short & sweet

so ive been tired honestly with descrbing things in particular these daily doses but im commited to so many words im looking for a new way to describe things or say "describe" is ElUCIDATE...this means to put in strong detail or describe in detail

i feel like being nice so for those who don't want to use is DELINEATE- this literally just means to describe so for those simpletons...this word is most definintely for you...haha

well as i always recite...

stay black hand side'n & live long prosperously

Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Dose Time...Lil Hooligans!!!

So its that time of the day again....yes u already kno because ur obviously reading the for today the situation is simple...

ya boy is excited for the weekend, and i just cant wait to get in some shinanigans with the homies...but im beyond excited you know when i feel like i need a word beyond the usual termionology equals Daily Dose Post

So for these instances where you are really excited and overjoyed here is: GALVANIZE...this means strongly inspired or in anticipation so like every daiy dose it will be in the right gramatical context

yea...well im bout to twitter it up...LOL

stay black hand side'n & live long prosperously

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Amazing" Video x 106

Peep Terrence from 106 & Park Nike Varisty Jacket i like... i can wear it better than he can any day of the week!!! HANDS DOWN!!!

For Your Ears

Big Sean ft GLC & Chip Tha Ripper "OKAY"
Download Here

"Heaven" by Spike Jonez

I was told not to post any thing without writing but i am speechless...Click Here For The Entire Fully Flared video

Cool Cats LookBook

Cool Cats have realesed their Summer 09 lookbook and (like Mickey's) "Im loving it" I would love to take photos of/for these guys (they are so me). For more information about the brand and their art check out their website CoolCats.Fr

He Say She Say

Say Hello To He Say She Say!


Who is SantoGold?

Who is Santogold? She is my favorite inovativative singer... She is different and HOT did i mention HOT... i really love her... She is up to take over the world... she is searching for our ears and she has mine... she has an amazing voice its strong and you have probably heard her on Jay- Z's Brooklyn Go Hard track or her L.E.S Artists track and even Drake's Unstoppable track... she is really good and HOT... < i had to add it again for more emphasize>

she went from writing songs to producing songs, to writing songs and finally realized that she is better of as a singer than anything else... Some might say she is like M.I.A or Kid Sister but she stands out amongst them... Enjoy

Daily Dose by Geebose

So, I'm here sitting in my second place of residence on campus other than my dorm...THE COMPUTER LAB So I'm just up to the usual business: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and of course the blog. Now it may seem like I'm busy, but I'm really not in actuality I'm very hungry, like beyond starving and famished, and when I come across situations such as these the EUREKA lightbulb went off...Daily Dose!!!

So for those days when you are extremely is: VORACIOUS-(vaw-rey-shus)-this means your extremely hungry... exceedingly starvation... so I'm pretty sure you will be hitting the nail on the head when you use this...

Well like any other day i say...

Stay Black-Hand Side'n & Live Long Prosprously

Clipse x Kaws x Kanye

The anticipated Clipse x Kanye “Kinda Like A Big Deal” record, from the “Til the casket drops” album and none other artist Kaws lend his artistic skills to the release. Click the link below to play.

Kinda Like A Big Deal!

NiKE TaLK! x Dr Romanelli

About two weeks i came across the upcoming collaborative project between Dr. Romanelli, Mexican store Shelter and Nike. The project will pre-release a collaborative t-shirt. The matador on the t-shirt is holding up an actual jacket from the upcoming collection. Limited to 100 pieces, the t-shirt will be given out in the lead up to the launch event.

More detailed images of the Dr. Romanelli x Shelter x Nike T-Shirt follow after the jump.

Related News= I came across Dr. Romanelli Jackets for the summer 09 after I posted this blog. Don't forget to checkout the link below...

DrRomanelli's Site


Artist James Jarvis worked on an interesting new film project, entitled “Onwards”. One of his characters is featured in the short movie, running in a non-linear environment. Definitely another great project by James Jarvis. Check out the movie here above

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Dose by GeeBose

Well, another day, another term, another dose of knowledge...

I'm going to keep it concise and to the point...

So I was having a conversation with a buddy who had some little things to me about our friendship and like the information this person told me in how i treated them on occasion had me aghast and made me feel kinda bad like beyond sad so as you can guess this word has to do with being sad...

Well I've heard this song before but here is: Lugubrious(loo-goo-bree-uhs)this literally means gloomy or exaggerated sadness!

Enjoy this...

Stay Black-Hand Side'n & Live Long Prosperously!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Dose by GeeBose

So, i know im a little late with the Daily Dose today but hey I'm a college student too.

So this daily dose, has a little story behind it, i was talkin to a friend of mine who shall remian nameless about life and what not and a certain aspet of "life" came up in which they experienced something that caused so much pain, and like i asked "did it hurt" and this person responded "hurt isnt even the word" so this gave a EUREKA moment to use this for the Daily Dose...

So when you go through something that causes you to be hurt and hurt just cannot describe it to the "T"

Here is: LACERATE- thing isnt that much of an uncommon word but yea this means cut up, severed, like this is exactly beyond

well im outtie 5 thousie!!!

stay black-hand side'n & live long prosperously

Monday, April 20, 2009

Double Dose...AGAIN!!!!

So my fellow inhabitants if the is a new week for new words...apologies for no "Daily Dose" yesterday...Laker game= day of

Anywho.. lets get to it...

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which your continually and constantly busy, and your friends are like "Hey, where u been at?" or "What have you been up to?" and saying "I was busy" jus couldnt describe how busy you were:

Here is: ASSIDUOUS- this means hard just sayin you were busy working will be more than described through this word.

Well, as a college student i find myself extremely fatigued or tired everyday, but i feel like sayin "I'm tired" is so cliche` if you wanna say your tired with a little more PIZZAZZ(shout out to MrBrown)

Here is: ENERVATED(en-er-vated)...this word means to be weak or weary/ you will be in the clear my deers(yes i mean the animal)

well.. stay black- hand side'n & live long prosperously!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


So 2 nights ago while chillen in a hotel somewhere near Tapahanic,(may be miss spelled) after loosing horribly in a spades game,(numbers too embarrising to say) as the group began slipping off into acoma, i found myself awake glued to the tube as for the first time in my life I began watching Brave New Voices. The 12th annual Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival, convenes the top young poets and spoken word artists, aged 13-19, from across the United States and beyond. I was emediately captivated by such raw young talent, and emotion and desire that came from the artist. I will definately continue to watch the show, as I have a feeling that I am to gain something great from this experience.

This wasnt even the episode I watched, which was by far even deeper than the current!

"how can i protect my self when im exposed"


So its come down to the last couple of weeks of school, and I like many other college students is preparing for the long strenuious nights ahead, of aimlessly studying everything I have learned this year, in hopes that I will with some amazing grace find the strenght to pass a class that I have been failing even before the semester began (Lol). Not only that, but it just seems that life in general is getting harder by the minute, and a brother feels like screaming. So that gives me the notion to direct your attention to the video beneath, and hope if you are going through similar things as I, that this video will help take a load off ur back.
The video has nothing to do with this post besides the fact that they keep screaming which is what I feel like doing. But I am tired of the injust lol!! At 3:18 Michael and Janet get nasty, one of the best coed dance routines ive seen.

Dual Daily Dose by GeeBose fellow friends, associates, potential boo's....haha...LMFO tis' Saturday and i felt like doin somethin a lil special i mean jus segment, my rules, ya excavate??

Anywho im coming @ you with two words today, but they are used to describe the same thing in context, one focuses on one aspect while the other cover everything...

So, probably like most people, we all have encountered or came across a person who we saw as "fine" or "beautiful", "sexy", "gorgeous", etc...

Well for those who are stuck on physical apperance here is:PULCHRITUDINOUS(puhl-kri-tood-n-uh-s) this means physically beautiful or appeling to the eye...

Now for those who like those who are beatiful in mind and body here is a simpler word: BEWITCHING i know what you thinking, your thinking..."doesn't that mean to trick or persuade" yes this indeed true but you can also use this to describe one's appeal as to the eye and as always you will be in the clear!!!

well... stay black-hand side'n & live long prosperously!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

What I did @ School Today....LMFO!!!

Well, my todaty @ school was pretty mundane until around 11:30...i made my way to the Science Hall to talk 2 my Bio professor(yes, im a pre-med major) anywho while i was in there the T.A. Nathan, was messing around with a im a pretty coold dude until u bring certain animals around me i was literally 10 seconds away from stabbin Nathan...but after all that i made my way to Theology class in which i had an exam...funny thing is to say i studied for like 15 mins this morniing i woulda have expected a little more difficulty in the exam to my surprise it was easy as Pi(lol...the math term) and I ended up acing that bad boy...well that was a day in the life of a Pre-Med student such as myself

until nxt time...

Stay blackhand side'n and live long prosperously!!

Daily Dose by Geebose

So my fellow homosaipiens...its about that time of the day where i share a lil bit of my knowledge and pass it on to y'all...yes the DAILY DOSE:

so have u ever been in a situation when u heard some really shocking news?? like it jus left you dumbfounded and speechless but those two words just couldnt conjure up enough strength to satisfy the amount of shock you received??

well here is: AGHAST(uh-gahst)- this literally means horrifyed or overwhelmingly shocked. So, like always this word will be used in the right context...

Well im off to take a theology test...


Live long prosperously & Stay black-hand side'n!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daily Dose by Geebose

So, its gettin pretty close to my Bio-lab class and i just couldnt feel right goin basically the whole day without postin a daily dose of knowlegde.

so have u ever been in a situation in which ur jus chillin wit a friend or a group of friends and out of nowhere one of ur friends does something a lil lowskey childish... well instead of sayin "yo man thats childish" or "thats so high-school, man"...

Here is:PUERILE(pyoo-er-il)....this means childish... or immature like again you would be using this in its correct context.

well im off to lab... live long prosperously & stay black-hand side'n!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Definately found entertainment for my random all nighters now!!!

Life is like sex, do it till you cant no more!!!!


Sooo the question has come to my attention more times than several in reference to the site, and what our actual purpose on the world wide web is. Well I am here to answer this long pondered question with threee words.

I Don't Know....

Naw im playin but it was Type A funny in my book. But truthfully the blog is meant for alot of things from my perspective, but really just to give you a piece of our mind, as to what we do not say we are thinking about. We are putting our lives and thoughts out there and just letting everybody who cares read what we got to say. NO Secret Motives or anything, just something to bring life to, cuz now and days one can barely tell the difference between life and a tall tale. Feeling a lil flumoxed about life in general considering my current situation, and the lack of funds for my current projects, the blogg is a place of fresh air from this fetor world I am living.