Monday, November 24, 2008

Kanye West May just be.....

So basically my Homie Kanye may just be the illest dude out right now. His style is so inovative and out of this world, and he is really the only dude in the industry who is real to himself. If he dont like you then bsically he dnt. Big ups to Kanye on the American Music Awards. With everything seeming to be in the right spot for Kanye besides his little run ins with the POPO (Freak the Police) I am only looking forward to even better things to come from Kanye titta in the near future. There is much excitement and hype as to what can be expected from Kanye after rockings his very own Varsity Jacket. His new clothing line "Pastelle" is said to be under construction and will soon be hitting the streets upon K's approval. Much of what Kanye puts out is always worth the wait, so just be ready, and expect good things to come.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mr. Moola's Money Maker's Vol. 2

Well...after having the time of my life with the real K-Rocks...i stumbled upon this beauty by the name of Dollicia Bryan. What is there 2 say? I mean you have seen her in magazines such as KING and music videos like "Got Money", "With You", and Bow Wow's and Omarion's "Girlfriend". This girl is no joke...she has THE complete package cute face, nice eyes, and body is fire. If i had a lil more status in the entertainment world i would try 2 woo Keep an eye out for her though fellows...cuz she might be on my arm in the next few years...haha!!! oh check her website, along with my other money maker diznee at
Till next time, Be Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful, and Colored!!!


Most of you remember K-rocks from Kanye's song, "Drive slow," ft. Paul Wall and GLC but much to our surprise the boys (G Money aka Mr. Moola, and Mr. Brown) and your host "The Third," happened to stumble upon the ONE AND ONLY the true Original "K-Rocks," rockin it hard in the most peculiar of places. You would think someone of her stature would be found somewhere surrounded by big names, but we soon learned that chillen in the cut is where its at. Leaving behind our Liberty Parties and the wack social life of Lynchburg, we found ourselves lack lustered and somewhat unexcited about the night that was to present its self. After chillen in one of our homeboys room playing BEER PONG (WITH WATER!!!!) lol we made our way to what would eventually be the quickest party we've ever been too, starting at aproximately 10:00 and ending before 11:00. Pronouncing the ODU's night life wacker than the rest of them, we recieved word of another social gathering going on and proceeded to attend. What we stumbled upon whats the coolest bunch of randoms, and our personal favorite Kelseay, Kelci (sorry for the spelling) or for better words K-ROCKS (HELL YEAH)....THIS Chick is the livest funniest coolist white girl we've ever met in our college travels, and will eventually be placed in our hall of fame for the "1 Man Band Man," keepin the party live by her damn self. BIG SHOUT OUT TO K-ROCKS keepin us up till 4 in the mornin going hard the whole time... Much love beautiful.....Stay Drunk!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aren't These Weird!!!

Stylized photos by Erwin Olaf...i dnt kno what his intentions were with these...but im diggin a few...strange but a lil not gonna knock his creativity, but enjoy my fellow Humans!!!!

Mr. Moola's Money Makers Vol. 1

So...this is Diznee....a very cute girl who is in college and doing her thing in the modeling industry. To my surprise this girl has a   3.9 dummy here fellows!!! All im sayin is keep an eye out 4 her...Jus look @ her...very appealing but i have some bad news...SHE HAS A MAN 4 now that is...ima swoop and save her...LOL but here u guys go...I'm out

Be Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful, and Colored!!!

I'm Tired....

Well....i know the blogger world is sick of me coming to and fro with these posts, but I have 2 declare to all in the cyber world that I'm tired of my life @ this point. Everything in my life is causing me to go absotively posalutely CRAZY! Relationships with the opposite sex is making me insane because i can never seem to do right @ all. My reputation with certain establishments have been tarnished, and life back in Cali isn't looking too nice. The positive things i do have in my life would have 2 be School and Basketball among the other blessings I get from the Lord. In times like these u need a Savior a hymn quotes so what is there 4 me  2 do? I have 2 go 2 to the one person  who can make it possible 4 things to get better and that is Jesus. Yep, the only person who can make a way out of no way.  Isn't amazing how often we find ourselves asking 4 God's help wen things are wrong, get ourselves right only to fall into the same situation we were in before...LOL I can't even count the times I have done this. A word to the wise... live your life 4 Christ and make decisions based on Godly wisdom not emotions and feelings. Well, I'm officially changing the way I live my life so...yea until the next time i come to the ATM...
Be Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful, and Colored

The Installment 2... I2 Drama!!!

So ummm....i know most of u have heard the buzz about the Dedication 3...Gangsta Grillz yu Bastards!!! LOL... but u kno i was hoping to get some good material from Weezy on this mixtape cuz i mean the Dedication 2 was fierce, but to my suprise all i heard was a bunch of hot tracks being ransacked by all of the Young Money Artist with some Weezy sprinkled here and there. Overall, its a good mixtape not legendary but Weezy does deliver some clever and creative material, but that's just me go 2 and go under media and select mixtapes and decide 4 urself! I have once again  deposited some of my deepest feelings harbored in my medulla oblongata, and i am withdrawing once again. So till next time...
Be Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful, and Colored!!!

My Installment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... I guess its my turn 2 drop my deuce on the blog. LOL... well where 2 start...ima a SWEETHEART...sike or am i? that would have 2 be up 2 u 2 decide. U kno i was watchin some form of entertainment the other night, and i must say that if we are a bunch of lil boxes made of ticky tacky then my ass must be the ugly duckling cuz i am not one 2 follow a whole bunch of Anglo Saxons. Dig me? like... I'm a person who likes DIFFERENT so how the FRICK am i gonna be like every other homosapien?!!! Well, my question of the day is... Y do women feel like u need 2 be around them 24/7 in order 4 them 2 feel important? Like if my ass spent time wit u 4 a majority of the day and i chill wit my boyz LET ME CHILL WIT MY plz let INHALE and EXAHLE. Hop off my PhD and let me enjoy my day. Another thing... why is fall like the shortest season of the year? Probably one of THE prettiest times to observe the outdoors and winter comes and messes everything up...aint that about a SNITCH!!! i jus recently celebrated a birthday u kno and i must say i surprised that sooooooooooooo many ppl actually big shout outs to those who showed love. Oh im tired of ppl clowinin OBAMA....the man won otay so ummm cry a river build a bridge get over it...and if u still aint  wit it then take a magnum and some lube and anally rape urself....hahahahahaha man i am buggin....but  like im sayin dnt doubt the dude show love...we showed love to 43 white cracked skin ppl and had they back even thru the scandals so hold our one candidate down plus this dude aint even that dark so level wit us. To all my ladies.... I love y'all... y'all are beautiful and if ur man aint doin ya right then well...i would say get @ me but let's be honest i wouldnt be doin anything different i would jus be way more suave wit minez...but if u are a dime and higher then ill wave the white flag and surrender...u could chain me to the wall...pull my hair and call me nasty....YO trippin...but 4real ladies Heaven's Gates Awaits come to me so i can UPGRADE U...HAHAHA...tooo funny....well i think im arriving to the end of my gramatical journey 4 the moment. No im not... MY Neighbors...THE Productions are under construction but plz believe we will be distributing fresh daily in no pre-order today cuz we kickin UPS, FEDEX, DHL all them pplz 2 the waters of Lake Minnatonka...but yea this was clearly a plethora of aimless thoughts...if this made any sense to u i must say...WTF????? but G. Money aka Mr. Moola has made a deposit and is withdrawing myself... so until we meet again... Be Eazy, Breezy, Beautiful, and Colored!!! 

I see why Jay put a ring on it!!!

Seriously i aint even gonna lie, and this does not tie directly into my sexuality but on a serious note JT was getting it. Hahaha he was willen out with this one, but anyways back to the matter at hand
If it is not quite transparent by now, then i don't know anyone dumb enough to not know why Jay or for better clarification HOVA put a ring on that bun bun. but as for me im more of a keep it movin type of guy
aint that right mr. brown and G money. We keeps it pushin freak them rings. Cancel that chick i will buy a new one lol "New Jack City."

See Success and its Outcome

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The Heaven’s Gate Nike Dunk SB was rumored to drop in August of this year. Inspired by the Heaven’s Gate religious cult that was headed up by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The cult resulted in 38 dead bodies found in a mansion in San Diego, CA on March 26, 1997. All of which were rocking brand new Nike Cortez at the time of the suicides, dressed in black and white uniforms, and covered with a single purple cloth.

Nike decided not to proceed on the project, most likely because it’s a little on the controversial side, or maybe because the colorway, like the cult’s followers, might have been a little too crazy for the Heaven’s Gate uniforms.



Arkitip Chronicles with James Bond of UNDFTD

Monday, November 17, 2008

Basically What I got in Mind

The faint perception of artist in times such as these is left to the distribution of the green leaf which often more than not becomes the constant persuit of the heart. the desire of the paper back, leaves man watered down and empty, eventually conforming him to the absent mindness or for dumber words, SAMENESS. When in reality what is or what was the outcome of this creation. What is truely left in the nothing more than a bunch of people in little boxes that all look the same. We are surrounded by doctors and lawyers and business excecutives but really inside we are made of ticky tacky and we are all the same. The pursiut of money is nothing more than mans attempt to completely manipulate society into signing over their lives to be placed into a toilet bowl, and once that lever is pushed every single hope and dream is emediately drained out of the once beautiful minds. The only thing left is the in the end is the flat green leaf, the destroyer of mankind. BY: "THE THIRD"