Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reunited...'s been like forever and a day since i have posted anything on the blog. I must say I lowkey missed you guys, but due to the wide world of academia I won't be posting a lot. Anywhizzy, a lot has occured since the 20th of August...First, ya boi left Cali(double sad face)and came back to the humid and bug infested VA. With me coming back to VA I came in contact with the homies(MrBrown & Clem)...yea lowkey missed them negros...although they were the most memorable reunions...i caught up with some of my other pplz(not so great but its whateva). So after all these reunions, came the big FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! It was seems like only two of my classes are gonna be difficult...I really want a 4.0 this semester. This week lowkey felt like a whirlwind and a life time. I could have sworn that it felt like it was later in the year(not the first week).After the week, comes the weekend, and i must say nothing has parties in our cities...luckily we found out our new gameplan(visit other schools). Hahaa....note to self: go hard or go my fellow anglo saipiens im out 5000 got some A&P studying to do..

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jay-Z-"Run This Town" ft. Rihanna & Kanye West

Digital Girl(remix) Video...Jamie Foxx ft. The Dream, Drake, and Kanye


I'm literally sitting up in my bed listening to Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa's "How Fly" mixtape and thinking what am I gonna do with the two ladies in my life. Like, i dnt even kno why im sharing this but its more theraputic that way. With one I'm more connected cuz we were actually together and a lot more deeper things but with the other im more interested off of we havent done much in comparison to the other but the fact she keeps me guessing is what draws me in(which i love...if ur predictable or mundane ur a no-no in my book). Both are equally pretty while the advantges between the two arent off physical attributes...its more personality and tendencies...while one trips off of every lil myspace status/comment...the other is chill unless its a direct shout out or comment to is more nosey and insecure...while the other "seems" secure...i say "seems" because over time the true colors show. One i can kinda count on to care unconditionally when something is wrong with me(which is rare but its nice to have someone who genuinely cares)...still wishy washy with the other. One i feel like i can relate with more and just vibe with while the other crowds me and does nothing but talk about other ppl(as if she is super perfect...haha...ummm...major turn off ladies)like she has nothing else to do but scrutinze others for being who they are and the fact that it she doesnt like seems more needy 4 a in depth relationship with Christ incorporated(huge biggie) the other not so sure...honestly never got to that(assuming she's a christain but idk about her spritiual state) haha i sound like my dad...this is gettin is mos def in love with me like crazy in love...idk how...yea we dated...but i cheated...she talked to other niggas...they couldnt out "do" me so she back on kinda skeptical on that cuz girls do that a lot...leave to play around then when it wasnt what they were expecting they come back to their "comfort zone" which is me in this case...the other girl i dnt kno how she feels exactly...i kno she likes me a lot and of course u work ur way to loving someone but i really dnt kno where we stand...i care deeply for one like i mentioned earlier cuz of circumstances between us and her life and the way she is...she might take it hard if i just shattered her with im "with" someone im in a pickle...haha. one girl is sooo low on herself... like she is a dime but she got a ugly girl's mental like her self esteem is self love...and im the type of dude that tells u things like "ur beautiful" and u believe that...not u reverting back to thinking ur not worth anything or u dnt amount to much. The other girl is aware of who she is and how she deserves to be treated(so sexy)...all in all i think im just gonna wait it out and see who falls thorugh the cracks when i leave 4 VA to go back to school(one is already slippin and the other has been slippin but lowkey redeeming herself on occasion)...all i can do is look 2 the heavens 4 guidance...and i'll update y'all later on in the year...pray 4 forreal....

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Monday, August 17, 2009

As one adventure ends so another begins... time is quickly running out here in Cali...and im def regretting ever choosing to go to VA(well not really) but ima really miss Cali this time. I mean you would think the fact i had a gf and went to major parties last summer i would have missed Cali but i didnt, and in comparison i didnt do much of anything this summer but the times i did do things they were quality events...Ima miss...kickbacks...the fam fam...and of course the lil boo thang....haha Seeing that i'm going to miss so much my mind quickly thinks of the things im gonna say "hello" to this year. If you dnt @ PEMF, we make moves...haha never loafin' so im pretty sure MrBrown and Clem and I are headed toward some pretty fun,interesting, and adventerous times. I mean this is Junior year...big girls, big jobs, big salaries...gotta screw that head back on right and get back 2 my The light bulb has clicked... i kno exactly what to do with life and anything that occurs in it...good or bad...well im lyin like a mug...but i got a good idea of what to do...stay tuned my homo saxons...its about to be exciting ride...

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Locked Up...

So, i haven't literally wrote on the blog in about a month or so, but Hey!!! it's time again...I honestly wasn't goin to blog but in the last hour or so i felt like i need to vent...and if u kno me i def dnt vent to ppl...other than my Bros on the East and West. Anywhizzy, like 2 hours ago, came home from the gym...with plans on goin out to dinner wit the i hopped in the shower and freshend up. Now when i get out my dad gonna hit me with the..."You aint goin nowhere"...why??? u might ask...i had 2 assist in helpinh my sister walk her mind that the usual time to walk him is 2hours prior of me arriving home. Not only that but my mom worked extra long toay so he had to get her(yes we only have on functioning dad is too lazy to fix the other two...smh)So i basically had to cancel my plans at the last second not to mention my 12yr old sister cant stay home ummm i stayed alone when i was 11. But anyway...i dnt see how im supposedly an adult in their eyes when they got me restricted to coming and going once a day like thats my rec time if i were in a jail...smh...tonight jus made my mind up that im never visiting the IE to see my parents ever again...can't take this false mindset of bein adult on occasion and other times im a child....naw naw i dnt play that...if u a parent 24/7 and i respect and treat u as such then ima expect the same when u say u im an adult...dnt flake out and pull the parent card...smh....well well it was good while it lasted....but Otaaaaaay...on the road to my destination no detours....haha

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So obviously its been a minute since i've graced ur presence with whats been going on in my life, but lately i feel like ive actually been living and truth is, I dont know what to do with myself, but finnaly most of the fun has died down and reality is some what settling in so i thought id stop by and say hi. Not gonna explain where or why i was gone for so long just know time will only tell so back to the mission at hand providing information on demand lol

dueces .....

1 finger up for good luck and if it dont work then F**K

Haha this parody is kinda

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y-"How Fly"

This is a great mixtape....plz download...the link below

How Fly-mixtape

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Got Da Hook-Up!!!

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Greatest skateboard commercial ever!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Haha The Lil Blue Leashes in Effect!!

Remember when Katt williams talked about the lil blue leashes and how its strictly entertainment for negros...well i think this mother missed the "Pimp Chronicles" lol

The Myths will be revealed...OMG!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shakira have me cuttin

heard a lot of buzz about this vid sooo peep it...

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