Monday, June 29, 2009


Need something from Karmaloop im your guy lol an official representative as of today, well tonight I am able to give you discounts and codes for your products when buying from So stop playin around if your looking for the latest and greatest streetwear out there we've got it at dnt forget to to use this code ('JS37504'.) to get 10% and sometimes 20% of certain items. YOu help me and i will garuantee to return the favor.


So i posted about these bad boys some months ago, and tooo my surprise as I was checking a few of my favorite shoes sites, I recieved informaiton that these sexy beast will be dropping on Aug 7. So dawns the age of get money lol!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Definately one for the books lol, but in all fairness who is better? not as a player or singer, but as an entertainer or artist in motion kind of sense.

outerspace aint that far away

The time has come

There comes a time in a mans life when his eyes are truly opened to the world around him. NO longer is he unaware of the society that he has unknowingly grown apart of, but the realization comes at such a time when he actually takes a minute to look beyond what his eyes can see and enter into a more serene realm where understanding is not always gained my listenening, but by observing and interacting with what could happen, while taking lessons from things that have already occured and turning them into today. With that being said a new adventure is at hand. There is nothing but an open road infront of me, and I have decided to chart my own path. I can not speak on it right now or give any further details but the time has finnally arrived

Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ Will Live On....FOREVER!!!!

MICHAEL JACKSON(1958-2009-Forever)
So, if I haven't made it very very clear...Michael Jackson was THE best @ what he did...His Legacy will live on...and this i know because his music is all over the radio, videos being played, and continual bloggers like us unite and show love...I can't even be sad anyomore...its is a loss but in light of all this its beautiful to see all the love he gets...i mean not too long ago our society frowned upon him for his allegations of touchin little kids...but like the phoniex..."He Rose"...Mike all I gotta THANKS...For scaring me senseless till I was 12 with "Thriller" and if it weren't for you I really dont think I would have the litte dance moves I gonna master the smooth criminal "Lean" were someone I looked up to as a child, and as a man your humanitarianism is something I can display as I grow older...You're an inspiration in more ways than one...You will always be remembered...never ultimately live in our hearts forever!!!

Greatness....Seriously...this man will never be topped!

Michael Jackson by far was THE best performer next post is gonna be some concert footage...this man could have moved a nation...when you got ppl fallin out, cryin, and fainting at your're not only his old concerts but if you get a chance to catch his CBS special that aired will see Mike still had it...its still unreal the fact that he is gone...i havent even given my full retrospect on this loss...but untill then stay black-hand side'n...


So its been a while since I've decided to entertain you with my written geniusness (tooting my own horn), but all jokes aside because the matter at hand is far greater than my meager attempt to provoke a smile across anyones face who is actually reading my mind. (in a sence this blog is my mind). If you are not aware by now seeing as its almost 2 days since the passing of the great MICHAEL JACKSON (deserves all caps to emphasize his greatness) and I am just one of the many millions who are just now finding the words as well as the ability to some how find peace through the death of MJ.

To say goodbye would mean to accept that he is gone, but every morning I am reminded by the continuous playing of his music that
People like him just dont fade into the depths of forgetteness, so regardless if he is on this earth or not he is still alive through his music and we plan to ROCK THE NIGHT AWAY.
S.I.P (sing in peace) MJ

Friday, June 26, 2009

Okaay!! it the Wizzle Man

Wow...Asher Roth goes in!!

i hate that you cant hear the beat or Flex but this is legit blackberry or phone or anything...straight off the top...hmmm maybe Drake should take notes...sike jkjk...

Just when you think you seen it all...Hurricane Chris performs for his Louisana House of Representatives...

@ the 4:20 mark is when Hurricane comes up....this is a much more "niggerish" could you get?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Day With Greatness!!!

So as I promised... here is a full recap of what happened to me on the dia del Lakers Parade...haha...yea a lil espanol for ya. Anywho, my day started @ 5:30am after goin 2 bed @ 2am mind you...showered and left the crib @ 6am. Made our way to the Link(Metro Link) and boreded the train. Rode that sucker until we hit LA Union Station...we got there around 8ish while the gates to the Coliseum dnt open till 9:30..we hopped on a bus for frizzle and rode it until we were about 2 blocks away...from there we ran to the coliseum so we could be 7 of 95,000 who made tellin you the place was of us almost didnt make it in...haha well desoite that close call we all got in 2 hrs b4 the parade started...which meant kickin it with fellow laker fans...and burning in the hot sun....but it was well worth it when the players came and talked to us...all in all it was a good day....cue the Ice Cube stay black hand side'n you rascals...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wow...who new taylor swift could rap....haha NOT

this goes to show that if T-Pain is on your song ppl will somewhat like your song...i wonder how much he gets for doin dumb songs like this wit white ppl?

Monday, June 15, 2009


We all have faith in something:

There is more to a man than what is actually seen, Look deeper:

Paradise isnt always on some Secluded Island:

Do not limit yourself to the inabilities of those around you


The recent aquiring of my 3rd tattoo, and the decision to get another one this sunday, I feel as if this song does me justice.(plus if you do not know about wiz khalifa by now its time someone put you on to this lyrical genius, and amazing talented young artist who has completely taken over my laptop as well as sell phone). I plan to continue with the escipades, but dont say im addicted, cuz im definately committed. (pictures are on the way)

"ink my whole body ink ink my whole body" the Wiz himself

Laughing Pleasure

This video is quite old, but I have yet to loose any humoristic pleasure that is gained from enduring this one minute and fifteen second video. So far all you Grape Drankieshas out there enjoy yourselves this is worth it. lol

People hate seeing others successful, so what you gonna do Be unsuccessful?

We Made It...We Took on The Road!!!

So as one of the two Lakers fans(the other being Clem) I'm extremely excited to see my team ontop of the basketball world by being World Champions. Led by the unstoppable Kobe Bryant, this season has had its ups and downs...from a easy 5 game season with the Utah a grueling 7 game series with the Houston Rockets, to the very passion filled battle with the Denver Nuggets, and finally the quick but tough 5 game series with the Orlando Magic. All the Kobe hate can cease now he finally obtained that championship without the aid of shaq...Well im waitin for the parade in LA on Wednsday...I'll be back with the full coverage of the parade. So yea...until then stay black hand side'n you hooligans!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


There was a time in my life when early saturday mornings were spent waking at the break of dawn to stand in line amongst the overwhelming pushing and shoving of crazed Jordan addicts who were in deyer need of a fixing from the Jordan factory. That day has long since gone, and it seems that with each passing year the Jordan brand is selling out and quitely loosing its touch. With that being said me and mr. Brown were having a disgussion about shoes when deciding to make a trade for a pair of alifes, i would give him my fresh pair of air Jordan 1's (old love new love package)(yellow pair) for his Alife sneakers, when Mr. Brown stated that Alife's had more street cred than jordan. this statement got me thinkin who would of thought the day would come when the once so beloved NIKE Air JORDAN(jumpman) would grow so complacent and loose its credentials as a leader in the sneaker industry. Well with works like these its no wonder the Jordan brand has dwendle down to mere garbage. Someone show me a fresh pair of retro j's please, matter of fact dont matter what condition they in I just need something to hold on to because hope is all lost for Team Jordan.


sometimes little mistakes have big consequcences... "father"

Its a Star Studded event at CA Theme Parks!! average California day it t'was yesterday @ six flags...just expecting to have a good time with the church crew and ride some rides...I had a grip of en route to the X2 ride i walked past Common and Serena...and like most Cali ppl i shrugged it off but then the lightbulb hit...PERFECT BLOG CRITERIA!!! So I was soo pissed @ myself for not jumpin at a perfect photo op...but the Lord blessed me...cuz as soon as we got in to the x2 lobbystation...guess who we saw....and a negro hopped at the chance to get some pics...despite the gang of ppl and the barriers that keep you from gettin on the ride i made the the snapshots...Common and I had a quick convo while he was waitin for Serena...and she was aight..not so friendly...and plus she wasnt lookin so on made me laugh cuz i finally realized why she lost her french open match earlier this week...syke jk idk if thats the real reason but its watev...i hope the next star i bump into is either Kanye or Pharrel maybe Kobe or Diddy...could it be Drake or Weezy? only time will tell...

stay black hand side'n

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dwight did his thing with this video....

this one is way better than the kobe and lebron vitamin water

Am I the only one mad @ this????

Why did Keyshia do this to me???? We were supposed to be an so done with guess me and Clem gotta pick a new chick....cuz she look mad more heartbreak more drama...sike she gonna stay havin family last tear for my boo ='( LMFO

The MVPuppets...are Back minus 1...LOL

haha and the wondered if they would stop makin bad for LeBron...Kobe is in the Finals...whoo hoo Go Lakers

Juelz Santana-Days of Our Lives video

I like this diggin his direction for the album....its been a minute since Juelz put out an album anywayz...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A problem is an issue or obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, objective or purpose. It refers to a situation, condition, or issue that is yet unresolved. In a broad sense, a problem exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant difference between what actually is and what is desired

Everygody has problems it is our choice to whether the storm

Going through is only half the battle, comming out is only half the reward

It rains everyday learn to enjoy it because you need it to grow

The Real Version of Paranoid...well i think?

if this is the real version...its an artistic masterpiece...great concept

Wale ft. Lady Gaga-Chillin

finally the video is lookin foward to big things for Wale...i wish him the best!

Am I late on this...cuz i aint never seen this video

Comin at you with an exclusive look @ the hottest new duo in the game....