Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My last 48 hrs...haha

So in these last 48 hrs i havent been out of my house well except to walk the dog...but anywho the only excitement that came through these days were all shown in the videos above...check it and enjoy!!

Here is the Paranoid Video!!

so this has to be one of my fav tracks off of 808's and Heartbreak...and lil miss Rihanna makes more than a cameo in this video...its like Kanye is the anywho check it and enjoy it!!!

Wow...this video gives real knowledge...peep this

Monday, May 25, 2009

E@t!n G00d!!!(Memorial Day Recap)

So....its Memorial Day...and like any person i slept in...till like 12pm lol...haha...anywho...usually on days like these the family gets together and BBQ's immediately...well today wasnt one of those days...I woke up to a full on attack on my father by my mom. Yes, she was physically attacking him....sike naw, she was tryin to belittle him and insult him and his family which never works, but fast foward a few hrs and me, the sis and my pops enjoyed chillin in our den watchin old Jamie Foxx show episodes...while waitin for my mother to get back from the grocery store(yea she bought all the things for the bbq the day anywayz after the wait....we got right dwn to business with the and pops handled the grill and the bbq sauce while the women handled the side dishes...all in all it was a great meal...haha i stuffed my face....unfortunately the dwn point to this night was the Lakers loss...but hey nuttin to get anally ruptured about...well kiddos thats my as i peace outtie to the 5000th power...stay black hand side'n!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Artisitc Videos...Joaquin Baldwin is illmatic

Placenta from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo.

Papiroflexia from Joaquin Baldwin on Vimeo. is another installment to the puppet commercials that star Kobe and LeBron... i like this one a lot because they actually have them playin one-on-one against each other plus The Cool Kids "Cooler Than That Guy" instrumental is a nice touch...3NJoy!!

yoo this video goes hard...perfect background music

Masquerade from Aziz K. on Vimeo.

I'm not sure...i remember "clem" posted a video not too long ago from vimeo that was about a voodoo doll giving up its like for the other voodoo doll' this video the idea is everyone is wearing/putting on a smiling face when deep down they feel like low...enjoy!!

The Longest Day @ Church ever!!!!

Otay...due to the fact that i never had a chance to snap any pics while in church because of the many tasks i was apart of i was forced to use the picture above to depict how i felt after today at church. So after coming in at around 3am, i hit the sack immmediately to wake up less than 4 hours later to get up to get ready for church. Its not like there is a 9am service...a brother was there to be apart of Sunday School, then after that is actual service at know today at church was an important was my Pastor's 22nd Anniversary as pastor of our church...well when a day like this roll's around...our church likes to hold dinner for our congregation and a visiting church before the afternoon installment in which we honor our pastor. So being the humble servant I am...i helped pass out the meals...and dessert. Now, I had no problem with this until the visiting congregation...started to get extra picky with their who asks for a plate with no green beans because the green beans were cooked with bacon in the water to add flavor??? Who asks specifically for 4 sliced beets??? and why deny a whole meal because you didnt get a roll like everyone else??? haha BLACK PEOPLE!!! Despite all this, a woman from the visting congregation complimented me on being a good host because of my wonderful and genuine happy attitude...the futherance of the service was good until sermon because a brother knocked out...I'm Sorry Y'all but i needed my hopefully monday got more in oh and word for the day FERDOOGLE(4sho)...stay black hand side'n

Gettin in @ 3am on a Saturday Night!!1(recap)

So as I promised...ya boy went out and hung with the fellas...yea to chill and watch the laker game but most importantly celebrate my boy Stefan's 21'st b-day...haha you know what that means...DRINKS & SNITCHES!!! Unfortunately the bad thing about it was there were drinks just minus the that killed a lot of false hope i had for the night...The good thing about that night was the fact the Lakers pulled out a game 3 victory in Denver and Kobe actually displayed the fact that he can still get up and dunk...LOL...after all that its amazin what a few mike's hard lemonade will conjur up in one person's "if you appliances and silver ware could talk, what would they say?" From the typical "would you rather" scenario...all in all minus the snitches...i still had a fun nite...wish we would have played beer pong tho...cuz i was killin at pool....but anywho...the sunday recap is coming right up!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

So Finally the School Year in Review!!!

So...the school year review and recap....where to start? Well wen I landed in VA back in August 08 alot of things were goin for i had just made a bukoo of money with my summer job and copped me a to many goin back to school wit a girlfriend is a bad idea especially when she back in CA...but i tried to prove the doubters wrong(my parents. so if you didnt kno me and "clem" were roommates this year and from jump street it was a gravy as old of the time i was bein bothered with continuous calls from the then"boo". We settled in and started makin new friends in our dorm(yea on some white ppl mess) we met Jonah, who we called Luke for the longest time...haha there was Will, and few others but who foward over some boring months and its Thankgiving break around this time me and the boo dnt exist, and flames and romances have been kindled with other and the crew entered the DC club scene and hit up LOVE....bad move...sike...naw it was a fun nite until them girls got snootie...haha also ya boy ran into some legal issues...yea me and the boys and the blue had a couple of run in's. So after all this Christmas break occured and that was kool...then second semester came along in which i found myself trapped in a relationship, making a girl a spring fling during break(4 days) haha too easy...Ive found myself in a car that cut off and cut on...rode around in a car with a cracked windshield and grill(Maxi) been taken all over the place by some GPS system(Laurie)...Hit up some campuses...met some new ppl/cool ppl syd the kidd, kimora lesli, and pizza face, and got to kno someone new as well this year was rough but very eventful i must say i have done a lot in my two years in college...hopefully even more fun to come...shout out to Clem and MrBrown...we gonna blow up!!!! P.E.M.F. bout to be soooo official...

stay black hand side'n!!!!

Charles Hamilton got rocked!!

yo this girl rocked his say it was a sucker punch

No Doses???

Well kiddos...its come to my attention that im 4-5 days behind in daily doses...but im sorry to say that i have decided to hang up the daily dose until school resumes in August...I have tried my hardest with trying to keep it goin over the summer but truth be told it is hard to...i've got workouts, running and actual work to as for the free time to compose a daily dose??? i have none....but dnt shed a tear...because in place of the daily dose im introducing my summer(or any break for that matter) daily look forward to that...its gonna be fun packed and picture filled....well thats it lil hooligans....

stay black hand side'n!!

Kobe Vs. LeBron part III

here is the third installment of the Kobe and LeBorn puppet series...enjoy it...i hope there are more to come...

stay black hand side'n

Monday, May 18, 2009

Daily a triple prescription!!! sittin here listening to 88 Keys album..."The Death of Adam" and this is by far the most subliminal sexual album...and ya boi loves it....hahaha good stuff well this first dose is keepin it subliminal....for those moments in which one is excited to the point of can also say:FRENZY or SPASM-haha thats sooo funny who new a frenzy could be a

well this nxt still on the same lines...for those moments where its really intense and and you are on the road to excitement cover the common word "horny" with:LASCIVIOUS...funny stuff that you can find in a thesaurus...haha use wisely my pplz...

for the final dose... it comes down to the actual...action...haha yes the shindig itself... so for those times dnt call it Lovemaking or it: COPULATION or take that pplz...and use it wisely...for those who appreciate the doses i apologize for this post cuz its not the usual post but HEY...this was a one time deal...

stay black hand side'n and cooler than an eskimo's igloo

Random i know!!


3 heads are better 1

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Double Dose...Fooey!!!

You know with all the ripping and running that i is getting kind of hard to keep up with these doses, and NO im not getting lazy but I will be honest, I'm running out of instances and scenarios, but its otay my fellow bloggerians... ive been home ive remembering all the times i shared with the the word for the day is nostalgia yes, if you have any sort of educational backbround this means to think in the past or remember the past.

for my other dose....ya boy locked in a world of fatigue and pain- so like setup story here is the dose: LASSITUDE- this means extremely fatigued and tired.

but yea ya boy is stay black hand side'n and if it aint P.E.M.F. it aint fly!!!

Kobe and LeBron...haha this gettin funny

here is the second installment of the MVP nike commercial featuring Kobe Bryant and Lebron

This is probably the best video...that displays each player's personality and love for each other and for the game...enjoy!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daily Hooligans

Well my here in my house watching 106 and Park and i must say i am beyond bored...where did BET find these ppl...naw these ppl are kool but Free and AJ were better...but since im bored i figured i would find more of intense meaning for boredom and the fact that my laptop and blogger wnt let me upload pics anymore im really pissed...but here is a new word for those "boring" times: even though this word is common start to use BLASE`(accent mark over the E) but take that with a small amount of nouns,verbs, or peacing out my bloggerific family...stay black hand side'n and live like time aint tickin'


An enjoyable day does not consist of being some place amazing,but simply taking the opportunity to step back and find the enjoyment in the things God has already blessed you with. The realization that the best place to be is always in your own back yard. With that being said although my true desire is to buy my own boat and live on the sea, my backyard accomidated me quite well with somewhat of the experience that I so dream of. Now backyard fishing is nothing compared to deep sea fishing, but an awsome experience none-the-less. Who new that fish love hotdogs lol...

Vaminos.....lest go!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daily Dose Time!!!! sittin here in my room on another hot day in sunny CA...and i have my 501 jeans and yellow terminators plus i chillin wit my neighbor the mayor. So we were talking about this new business that i am a part of, and he was giving the in's and out's of this business and he wished me well and signed up as a supporter but that got me thinking what is a more eloquent way to say support...and WAAA-LAA!!! look what i found here is:SUCCOR-(Suck-or)-this means to aid or help or take that snitches preferably with some water

so live long prosperously and stay black hand side'n

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Comatose Dose...

Well as I logged on to the blog today...I see that "Clem" has changed the layout of the page and I must admit I like it but anywho the thing I love about having a blog with my boyz is everytime you log on there is a new surprise and this obviously gave me fuel for my daily dose...

for those instances where you are surprised here is:STUPEFY- this means truely amazed and not get this confused with an early post of being shocked in which i introduced aghast...but anywho...

stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously


My time in VA Beach is rapidly comming to an end, and each day it is getting harder and harder to say goodbye to a place that I have learned to call home. My family and I are moving to the NOVA/Maryland/DC. As I am preparing to pack all my belongings into bags no where near big enough to contain all my items, I stumbled upon this shirt. One of few very RARE fruity loo shirts. If you do not know what a fruity loo shirt is, it is....................ANCIENT CHINESE secret and I will never tell lol.


Summer is in the Air

Its been a minute since I've washed a car....last time I was using dish liquid, you know, like cascade and stuff you use to wash dishes with lol....someone upgraded me

The "BLUE MAGIC" of car washing liquids....

for those who didnt get their mom a good gift on mothers day

Monday, May 11, 2009

its been a couple of dias...but here is a presciption dose...

Well, im sorry it has been awhile since i have posted a dose abd the sad thing is it's supposed to be daily...but anywho i missed saturday and yesterday and i still have to post today's so that makes a triple dose away from an OD of knowledge haha...
so im gonna make this missing out on my own pool party... here are three words to extrappalate your vocabulary...

so for those who or sucker's or dopes or gullible here is:STOOGE means the exact same thing...just a new

for those who are fat and obese and hate both of those terms here is:CORPULENT- this should be a softer insult for your rotund friends...haha

and for those who are the opposite of the elephant types(skinny) like stick skinny almost anorexic here is:EMACIATED- this means uncontrollably thin...well here are your stay black-hand side'n and live long prosperously

LeBron celebrates MVP in Kobe's Face!!!

check this video has puppet versions of Kobe and LeBron...enjoy!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So High I Can Touch The Sky....but hand me my boarding pass...yeah!!

So to be honest im really annoyed with these doses...syke but i have been busy...coming home was great and i have been up to a lot...but the reflection for the year is coming....

so i was on the plane yesterday and on my morning flight i was seated next by this drunk black lady... and her amount of her ignorance was ridiulous from singing really loud with her ipod, to demanding more drinks, and finally trying to flirt with me....ugh!!!!

so if you ever find someone this ignorant here is:BENIGHTED-(bee-nite-ed)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fin!!! like forreal forreal...well not for doses but for school

Well my people's it is getting closer to that time of the year where I make my way to my home...CALIFORNIA!!! I swear im going to miss my east coast especially Clem and MrBrown...them my negro's...well i guess i can go into the doses because i looked over wednsday due to some academic issues.

So when people like something they usually get enthused about for those times when you are enthusiastic and you want to sound different here is:EBULLIENT(e-bul-lient)

and here is today's dose( for those who find themselves in situations in which there is a make or break moment to approach a love interest and your feelng a little catergorize this feeling as more than "courage" or "you being courageous" here is:STALWART(stall-wart)-this means to be strong or valiant in other words full of courage...haha...well enjoy my last dose from the east coast....stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously...

"So if im waiting for time to tell me what life has in store for me, does that make me a Watchmen?"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wiz Khalifa....Okaaaay!!!

Wiz Khalifa " Ink My Whole Body"- from Barry Hefner on Vimeo.

This is by far my favorite song off his "Star Power" mixtape...check the video...we all like Wiz Khalifa...more MrBrown and I but Otaaaay!!! im outtie so stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously...Yeah B!&**!!(wiz khalifa ad lib)

Daily Dose...last post of the school year...2morrow summer begins!!! the title of this post displays, but today was my last day of exams...and i cant complain...but this year was good...i had my up's and low's and my really low's but all in all it was a good year. So anywho the reflection will come later this week back to the ever heard something that was so absurd it made you turn your head and be like..."WHAT???" well for instances as these here is:FARCICAL-this means simply no extras trimmings but short and yea as my week ends and cali gets closer i will keep you posted on everything, till then...

stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously


With our recent fascination with skateboarding, as you have seen from previous blogs, and our new deisre to be decked out in some assortment of the capital nike somewhere across the torso, and upon the foot, NIKE has become somewhat of a fetish. (sort of like polo everything except its NIKE) in general I thought this video might intrigue one to take up the idea to cop them a board, and some fresh sb dunks and paint the city the streets with thier individuality. Ofcourse a few scars might tag along for the ride, but I assure you it will be worth every moment. Seeing as Mr. Brown and I will be stuck here for some time, somethin tells me we will have a few pics if not videos of our shananagins. Enjoy

Rollin rollin Rollin mov'em up roll'em back HIGH HOHHHH!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Daily Dose and Observation... was my official second day of final exams...and i am very very very enervated isnt even the word....but yeah the daily dose has to do with someone persona or the "street" vernacular is constantly used and me being me likes to break free from the norm so another word for swagger is...

Flounce, or Swank or Swash- these all mean to exaggerate one's self display or use wisely people and...

stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously!!!

"time is still telling me everything but all i can do is tell what time it is"

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is Eminem insane??? lol

here is the video for his song 3AM...a lil on the weird side but enjoy!!!

Oh What a Weekend...oh yeah here is a dose of knowlege too was my official last weekend in VA, and you know i had to go out with a bang. Unfortunately, Lynchburg isnt one of those cities...haha...but i did make the most of it. First, making a trip to LC(Lynchburg College) which was pretty cool...i love partyin with white people...cuz its sooo chill...danced a lil...wild out for a min...stupidly hollerd @ girls...i had fun. After all this we headed over to a townhouse complex...this place had better girls but whacker music....and no one was really dancing too and this was a "black" this lead me to head over to the International House of Pancakes(IHOP)...where i ended my night with a colorado omlette and some pancakes. overall grade=B- Cali...ima be back 5 days...yeah!!

For the dose...though...have you ever been around someone who annoys you or works your last nerve??

well here is:VEXATIOUS(vek-sey-shus)-this means extremely bothersome or discouraging so call that person they are being this word and i swear they will stop just because you said a word they didnt understand

well...stay black hand side'n and live long prosperously

Friday, May 1, 2009

Busta is Back!!!

enjoy you little hooligans!!!

Daily Dose a little past due!!!

soo...yeah today has been a long day I mean from final exams and business meetings i had no time to greet and check on my favorite peoples. Well, im still listening to the rob roy album and with every listen i fall more in love with this dudes the word for the day isnt even going to be uncommon word so...

here is: DAINTY...yes this is another word for exquisite or ethereal or in lamens terms excellent, beautiful or well detailed...the inspiration behind this dose is the album King Warrior Magician Lover by Rob Roy be on the lookout for it no release date yet tho...but check it out via imeem