Monday, September 14, 2009


Well as it has came to my knowledge... this blog will no longer be...yes i kno...its gonna be hard 2 say good bye...but we here @ PEMF see us goin into a more professional setting as of our role models: The Award of certain things displayed on the new blog i dnt kno what to say...thought of a week or word of a week is possible but nuttin for certain...all i kno is we had a great run here on blogger...we dnt wanna hear nuttin about this bein mediaocre tho...(yea u kno im shoutin u out)anywhizzle....take care ya'll...check 4 the new blog in a few days...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I thought it might be neccessary to leave a little translucent thought or add some well needed healthy perspective to the world. With that being said my eyes have been opened to the true innocense of man kind and its unidentifiable longing to be separate but same. In a trendy town called Lynchburg Va is where i have concluded my research. im talkin recklesss get at me later im still tipsy from last night dont mind me!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

No One Can Take Away 4rm Me...

Sittin here reflecting on life and and how i live it, and I've noticed that I'm a really jolly person. Like, in the past hour i've managed to converse with two complete strangers nad basically make their day...Happy Go Lucky is the premise of my life...cant seem to be sad at all...there is a positive in all negatives...dnt get me wrong i have my down days but they dnt last a full 24 usually back to my normal self in a matter minutes depending on the severity of whatever's got me down. Anywhizzle, im now thinking about bringing back the "dose" but instead of it bein daily its gonna be weekly. Every monday will be a new word...that you can use for the week in your everyday speech. Sorry for no daily's I honestly do not have the time to keep up on the blog daily...gettin a 4.0 is serious busniess I had to make some sacrifices...Welp be on the lookout for a weekend recap or the weekly dose in the future...

Be Remarkable-GeeBose

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy Dunk...had to post it twice cuz it was sooo nice...

here is two versions of the dunk performed by one of The Flight Brothers...ish goes hard...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friends are FO-EVA!!!

Well...after a very gruesome week...i must say it was time to let loose, get wild, and have a fun time. So the crew...the main two(clem and i) and an extra few(mr brown and simon) hit up a dope white party...not like we had to wear all white but there were like white ppl there and they were dancin(dnt see that much down here) i listen to my nigga Wiz Khalifa i cant help but refelect on how much fun Friday night was due to the special sippy sip we was drinkin twin(clem)was gone...well maybe not gone but he was acting wild... grabbin girls left and right to dance(MVP for the Smoove Moe D(simon) was in affect as well rollin up with a girl at a party...I on the other hand was prolly the level headed of us all but i def scooped 3 numbers for some hang out dates this week...(Player of the Saturday, Clem and I traveled to a cookout in Fredricksburg with our homegirls Andrea,Brittany, and Ivana. the ride there took forever but it was fun...we stuffed our faces then did the cupid shuffle and cha cha slide...then partook in some bagmitten and volleyball...we was and Clem even did a duet to Rick James and Teena Marie's "Fire and Desire". the ride back was koolie...we was tryin to get back so we could still have time to party harty with our homies, and we made it back just in time...unfortunately, it wasn't like friday...we had no sippy sip and that constitutes a very uneventful night...the fun buzz isnt developed so nobody was tryin to do all in all i cant complain. I'm glad that i get my work done before hand or i would be all messed up.

Be Artistic-GeeBose