Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I walk with my head in dismay of the mishaps that has happened in my time .
Thoroughbreed Chick, might i say.
love the wrong doings, and giggles at rights.
But much has happened in this life
There was never a silver spoon in my mouth,
no lovey dovey bullshit, just take it as it, or else you won't get shit at all
He was laying through the drive-thru of Mcdonald's, laying cold like he didn't want to wake up he definitely wasn't moving and i was petrified sitting in the car looking through the windows with mist of tears in my eyes of what i had seen.
i'll never be the same.
Thank god for my jade bracelet that keeps me sane, when i need a reality check due to the bullshit that goes on while i'm sitting there.
Junctions of the reactions of people when they see you, who do you really look in someone else's eyes? i really have no idea.
i wish someone would tell me, boost my confidence up a ladder
The heart vain in my left hand close to my thumb symbolizes the everlasting infinite of love that i may satisfy you with,
Gladly, hope you like.
i'm scared out my might, very witty, and down right bitchy
But i'm glad of those whose stood by my times of these emotions.
Regards to you and yours. ;]

THIS IS A PEICE BY SHARMAINE PHILLIPS ...divinebelle.blogspot.com

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